2022 Provincial Election Platform

Bringing Ontario Back: A Seven Point Plan towards a Better Ontario together!

Ontario Alliance 2022 Provincial Election Platform

  • 1. Balanced Budget First: Taxpayer Protection and Debt and Deficit Reduction towards Rightsizing Government.

  • 2. No to Carbon Tax Pricing: Let Citizens Decide with Choice and Competition on Hydro, Energy and their Environmental Future.

  • 3. No to the Sex Ed Curriculum: Let Parents Decide with Choice and Competition on Schooling and their Children’s Educational Future.

  • 4. More Accountability on Healthcare: Let Patients Decide with Choice and Competition on Essential and Non-Essential Servicing.

  • 5. Restoring Labour Management Relations: Tax Fairness and Relief for hardworking families, individuals and small businesses towards Job Creation, Affordable Living and Balanced Economic Growth.

  • 6. Renewing Intergovernmental Autonomy: Giving back greater control, regional balance and responsibility to municipalities, across Rural and Northern Ontario, recovered from Queen’s Park and strengthening Ontario by taking its provincial autonomy and powers back from Ottawa.

  • 7. The Ontario Alliance’s Commitment to Constituents: Triple R Government being Recall, Referenda, and Real Responsible Representation, including repealing bureaucratic red tape legislation, more open debate by protecting and preserving freedom of speech and conscience, less party discipline through unwhipped free votes and free voices for all MPPs to provide balanced representation for their constituents’ wishes.

These key themes for the 2022 Ontario Alliance election campaign platform are part of a greater democratic grassroots policy development initiative and living policy document within the party. Unlike the other parties at Queen’s Park, who believe that politics is a spectator sport, we in the Ontario Alliance believe that politics is a participatory sport. So, join us in the political arena as we welcome new ideas and advice, to help us better represent and meet the expressed needs and wishes of all Ontario.